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An intuitive consultant, or intuitive counselor, uses a combined technique of counseling and intuitive skills to help people change their lives.  As an intuitive (sometimes referred to as psychic or psychic medium), I have come to realize that I can access information that may or may not be known to the conscious mind, and, therefore, rely to a great degree on accessing information on past situations or experiences that may have served to “block” a client’s ability to move forward with his or her life.  By accessing hidden past experiences, an intuitive counselor can able a client to find resolve and move past situations that are blocking energy in his/her spiritual pathways.

I have worked with all different types of clients, ranging from those who are seeking career counseling to those dealing with issues of self-esteem and self-acceptance.  As such, my services provide potential benefits to individuals in either a corporate or non-corporate setting.  An intuitive consultant supports successful businesses and professionals by helping each client make better decisions, have a clear vision, stay focused, and align his/her work with core personal values.

My intent is to provide the best service possible. My passion is to help others heal, move forward, and realize a level of renewed individual and organizational transformation.   

What I offer is a different way of looking at things.  It’s not about changing your mind; it’s about opening up your mind. I want to take you to places you have never explored before, giving you tools that can provide a greater insight about the nature of the opportunities that come your way.