Wilebski's Blues Saloon

Form Object

Wilebski Blues Saloon Artists

Kyle Holdridge:
Master Artist/ Mural Artist/ Exterior Signage Murals and Stage Mural

Friday Moon- Art House

Richard Hubal
Visual Concept/ Master Artist

Nancy Frietag
Abstract Artist/ Plants/ Silhouettes

Bryan Dieman: Artist/ Bayou/  additional works in New Orleans Room

Monica Harris: Artist/ Plants/ Model

Todd Peterson: Artist/ John Lee Hooker- Johnny Winter- ZZ Top- Duane Allman- Bobbie Van Zandt

Naomi Bush: Artist/ Neville Brothers/ Model

Emma Carlson: Abstract Artist/ Model

Steve La Chapelle: Robert Johnsons Guitar

Ted Wilebski: Artist- Voo Doo Ricky

Research: Paul Ochlke

Thanks to Robbie, Will, Tommy, Todd (Ted Wilebski nephew), Jeff, Aaron, Lonnie, Big Todd and everyone else who participated in this unbelievable project that came into reality in 35 days.



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Local Twin Cities Blues Bands

  • Allen Kirk
  • Annie Mack and The HaveNots
  • Armadillo Jump
  • Barbara LeShoure
  • Big George Jackson
  • Big Walter Smith
  • Bingham & Thorne
  • Blue Number 5
  • Blue Voodoo
  • Bob Manning and The Real Deal
  • Boom Boom Steve V
  • Brandon Scott Sellner
  • Cadillac Kolstad
  • Cool Disposition
  • Cornbread Harris
  • Crankshaft's Primitive R&B Review
  • Curtis and the Kicks
  • Curtis Blake
  • Dave Lambert Band
  • Davina & The Vagabonds
  • Dean Weisser Band
  • Dee Miller Band
  • Doghouse Jon and The Misbehavers
  • Don King
  • Doug Otto and the Getaways
  • East Fillmore
  • Everett Smithson
  • Good Time Willy
  • Hare's Ear
  • Harpoon Holter
  • Hud
  • Hurricane Harold
  • Inside Straight
  • Jay Walter and the Rectifiers
  • Jimi "Prime Time" Smith
  • Joe Juliano
  • Lamont Cranston
  • Lil' Slim's Blues Review
  • Lisa Wenger
  • Little Bobby & The Storm
  • Lonesome Dan Kase
  • Mark Knoll
  • Mike "The Hook" Deutsch
  • Minnesota Barking Ducks
  • Mojo Jynx
  • Moses Oakland
  • Nigel Egg
  • Nite Rail
  • North Country Bandits
  • Paul Holland Band
  • Paul Mayasich and Andy Dee Duo
  • Paul Mayasich with Benderheads
  • Plan B
  • Porkchop
  • Ross William Perry
  • Scottie Miller
  • Scotty Reed Band
  • Shakey Jake Neuman
  • Soulmates
  • Steve Blexrud
  • T. Albert Lloyd
  • Ted Larsen
  • Terraplane
  • The Blues Kings
  • The Bourbones
  • The Brothers Curtis
  • The Butanes
  • The Dirty White Boyz
  • The Genuine Jinx Breakers
  • The Nathan Allan Band
  • The Rough Cuts
  • The Swamp Kings
  • Thunderheads
  • Tom Hunter
  • Tommy J Band
  • Tony Glover
  • Walker Fields
  • Willie Murphy

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